In playoffs and tight end is a dumpster fire. Who are you guys shooting your shot with?

I have ricky-seals jones and stephen anderson but I may try to get OJ Howard, Who should I go with?

@samann I am in the exact same position as you. I started my season with Tyler Eifert, Charles Clay, Coby Fleener, ASJ, Cameron Brate, Vernon Davis, and then back to Brate for this past weekend’s effort. The tight end position for me has, on average, produced 3 points/week… abysmal.

With that being said I rage dropped Cameron Brate so hard today and picked up OJ Howard instead. I think OJ Howard is the “safest” start of those 3 guys which isn’t saying a ton. I also have Stephen Anderson on the bench, but with TJ Yates possibly starting that worries me. Granted I’m pretty much worried about any tight end not named Kelce, Ertz, or Gronk. Honestly, if a tight end can score me at least 6 points I’m pretty content considering my tight end spot has produced 4 or fewer points 9 times this season…

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Ebron out there for either of you?

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Ricky-Seals has a good match up vs the Skins D. Anderson could get lots of targets but for short yards. I dont like Brate or OJ Howard just cuz they are so inconsistent.

Ebron has stepped up a little and I like SF TE

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He’s out there but its hard to say if he turned a corner or if he just had a great game. I have trust issues with him

Yeah I have ricky seals jones and stephen anderson but with yates out there I’m not really thrilled with the upside. I may just get OJ howard and decide between the two later this week.

Any interest in Clay weather permitting? If the bills are down zay jones and KB with the dolphins offense playing well he could become Mr. very necessary again in a fight for the playoffs. Especially if tyrod is back and healthy- Could be back to the beginning of the year when it was so beautiful and simple: run, throw to clay, run, throw to mccoy rinse and repeat