In season management?

This is my second year playing FFBall, last season you could definitely say I was working out the kinks. This year, after a ton of mocks, listening to the ballers podcast, and buying the UDK I’m confident I will draft well, but what are some of your tips for having a successful season after the draft? Maybe when to drop or trade a player that isnt doing well, how to get the most out of trades, etc. Thank you!

A trick I like to do is before the games on Sunday start if I have a weak player on my bench I’ll drop him and pick up a high potential backup RB just in case the starter gets injured during the game I won’t have to work on the waiver wire. That’s how I ended up with Jordan Howard last year and David Johnson 2 years ago just by chance.


after the draft, its all about knowing your opponents. who is a fan of what team, who is high on what player, who hates who. im not going to try to trade jordon howard to a packers fan. he will under value him and i wont get max selling power. i will buy jordan howard from a packers fan. especially after he has a bad game. even more so if its a bad game against the packers. knowing who you are playing against is more important than who you have. because who you have comes entirely from who you play against and who they go after and get.

also, dont be afraid to make an offer. sometimes you will be surprised on who will say yes and to what. i just got super lucky myself because i made an offer that i thought i would have to negotiate down but it went through on the first go. she was looking to upgrade at QB, so i offered her kirk cousins, for andy dalton and the 1.11 rookie pick. she accepted and i couldnt be happier. so yeah, know who you play against, but dont be afraid to make offers.

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I made some contingency move trackers for each of my teams (i.e. if this, then that, etc) that allowed me to conceptualize how my teams would like 1-4 weeks out. Basically, it let me think through the 2nd and 3rd order effects of trade and waiver moves. Helps you get the edge on good matchups a few weeks out, grabbing guys before their the hotness, etc.

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During the year you must pay attention to value swings of free agents and owned players.

Every year, there’s an undrafted player that adds huge value to a lucky team. Therefore, you have to be proactive. Get the player a week or two before he gets the job. You see that Moncrief is struggling for a couple weeks, get Dorsett. Also, I know people who throw the first weeks game so they can get the wavier priority for week one. After week one, we have a great idea of how teams will distribute the ball. Injury is another factor in FA pickups.

Trades can be a great way to add value. Look out for someone who is underperforming with a tough schedule. Look at past and future game scripts for a player. Analyze the trends and make decisions on buy low and sell high candidates. When we get to the second half of the season, some NFL teams, not in the hunt, will try out their rookies and inexperienced guys. Conversely, teams with a big divisional lead will rest key players. Bye week plays a big factor too. Look for opportunity and capitalize. No mercy.

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I have three things that I do on a regular basis. One of which only works if there is no limit to add/drop in your league.

  1. After every game goes final and the new week begins, I drop my kicker and pick up a random player and just sit on them. Let the practice week pan out. Sometimes players get injured in the game and it isn’t reported until Monday or Tuesday. Or sometimes players get injured in practice. If nothing happens or pans out, then you just drop the guy you picked up for another kicker come Saturday night. This doesn’t usually lead to getting a stud but you have nothing to lose and can sometimes work out.

  2. ALWAYS… and I mean ALWAYS cancel every trade you have proposed once Sunday morning comes around. The last thing you want to do is have a trade proposed for Danny Woodhead that if accepted would be a steal for you, then have Woodhead go down in the game and the jerk owner go and accept the trade leaving you receiving damaged goods. You can hope that your league vetoes the trade but in my league most trades are not vetoe-able (I know not a word but whatever. LOL)

  3. Understand your Waiver system. If your league has its waiver priority set up to where it resets every week based off of standings, then don’t be afraid to place a claim on a not for sure thing. If your league has a continuous rolling list (where you use it, you go to the back and it doesn’t reset) then save your waiver claim. Unless there is a for sure, clear cut RB 1 out there, don’t gamble your #1 priority on a RB who had 1 good week. Weeks 7 or 8, when people are freaking out about not making the playoffs, and then you can swoop in there and pickup their star RB handcuff off waivers is the perfect time to strike.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.


that’s actually awesome advice, thanks man!

Really needed that help with the waiver systems! My league is a continual rolling list for the first 4 weeks and then it switches to reverse standing order (#1 ranked team has the 12th claim). Wasn’t sure how to tackle that but now I’m feeling a lot better about it. Thanks man