In standard leagues, would this trade work?

Hey guys,

I have Julian Edelman and one of the guys in the league has Juju. and I am thinking about sending that trade, do yall think its good?

My WR’s are Baldwin, Landry, Edelman, Golladay, Calvin Ridley and Kenny Stills.

if I get Juju he will be the flex

Not quite sure why they would do that, but if you’re able to get them do it I think you win that trade. Better player, and it gives you some bigger play ability/diversification away from slot receivers.

Agreed, if I’m the JuJu owner I’m declining that trade quick. But if you can pull that off 1 for 1 that’s a win for you.

Juju is going in drafts before Edleman by like 4 rounds. Why would the Juju owner accept that?

the guy isn’t that big on football, I was thinking if he says no then I would had penny or something

If you got him to take that trade, would be robbery.