Inactive manager issue solved with last place punishment

Hey guys,

I heard you discussing how to address the issues of a league mate not participating and setting their lineups after week 6 or so (from the Friday 10/20 episode), and I believe I have a solution for that.

The idea is to incentivize every team to continue to set their best lineup week in week out no matter what their record is or how good or bad their team looks. In my opinion, the best way to do that is to implement a last place punishment for the league, thus incentivizing owners to never give up.

For example, the last place team in our league (through week 13) has to get a belly button ring with an emblem that reads “I suck at Fantasy Football” and wear it for 3 months. This gives us the opportunity to publicly shame and humiliate that person for a long period of time, and it’s also very enjoyable for everyone in the league to witness (minus the last place team, who should forever feel the shame of sucking at fantasy football).

We also really enjoy debating and placing bets on who will end up in last. It adds a level of competition that you don’t get towards the end of the season when it’s already pretty much determined who will make the playoffs and who won’t.

Love always,
Jimbo aka “Kim Jong Mish”

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What happens if last place leaves the league… Does 2nd to last have to get the belly button ring?

I’d prevent that from happening all together by ensuring everyone agrees to this punishment at the beginning of the season. If someone leaves mid-season because of the shame, I’d put it up to a vote to see how the rest of the league feels about it.