Inactivity Issues

Inactivity Issues

Okay guys. It’s that time of season where inactivity becomes an issue. Bye weeks, IR players left in lineups, trades being ignored, etc.

What do you guys do to inactive teams? As commissioner, I put my foot down and said if I have to remind you three times to set your lineup, you’re out. Some of my league mates thought that was harsh and thinks we should implement some sort of penalty instead.

Taking all suggestions because it’s an issue that needs to be addressed in my league.

One ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card then I take over the roster.

I like the one chance only idea. Cuz it messes up playoffs and gives people an easy win. Easy wins aren’t necessarily bad, but I’m 5-0 and I am playing a team with 4 bye weeks and no activity in the log. I’ll probably go 6-0, but I feel like I’m cheating :joy:

I give everyone 1 free pass. If you can’t commit to the league then I’ll find someone else. I then lock their roster and manually enter the average score of the remaining owners. They are booted from the league for good. Ive never had to actually do it since I implemented this rule. It helps that we have weekly payouts for highest scoring team too. Hope that helps in someway