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Indiana footclan members dynasty or keeper league startup


Would love to get a 10 man PPR keeper or dynasty league going…

I’ve been the commish of a keeper league for 10+ years and just joined a dynasty league last year.

Would love the league to be locals as that way we could maybe meet up for a beer once or have a traveling trophy or something.

So this is what I’m thinking.
10-12 man PPR keeper or dynasty league
$20-$40 buyin
I’d choose like league safe or some safe way to keep money.
Run the league on ESPN or Yahoo prob.
I’d have a Constitution that went over all the rules ( the one for my keeper League is pretty extensive (10 pages long)

So if you live in INDIANA and would be interested in a keeper or dynasty league comment below or DM me.

If we can’t get enough INDIANA plp I guess I could open it up to anyone…

Let me know if you have any questions


@Fr0sty11 I have a league with 8 members looking to be a 12 man half PPR dynasty want in? we are using flea flicker and espn… it will be a $50 or lower buy in. You are welcome if you need a league


Yea I am interested in a dynasty league


If you can’t get enough from Indiana I’m from Michigan so not super far & I’ve been looking for a dynasty league.


Another fellow Michigander interested if need people


@LuccasG @andrew_chittenden @DiaperMoney

Ok I guess I won’t get all Indiana plp but I say we start something…

I’ve got a template for rules for the league that I use for my others that I’ll use for this.

But I want us to all have input on what you want.

  1. So full PPR or 1/2 PPR

  2. Roster size
    1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex,1 dst, 1k
    or something different ?? Super flex? IDP?

  3. 3 keeper league or dynasty?

  4. Buy in $20,$30,$40, more?

Let me know your guys thoughts. I have my opinions but want to hear yours


I’m from Ohio but if you need another I’ll join


definetly dynasty. i have small keeper leagues looking specifically for dynasty & i personally prefer 1/2 pt ppr but i’d still be down for full point. i’m interested in playing with IDP but not sure how i feel about it in a dynasty. as far as buy in the most i can swing is $50. so anything up to that i’m down for, & also i’ll be sure to start checking this forum more often sorry for the slow reply


Do you still have an opening? I would love to join. My email is tanya.jensen8@gmail.com


I’m from Indiana and would love to join the league (preferably dynasty, but keeper is perfectly fine as well) my email is ianj2024@gmail.com.


Is this league full yet? I’m in Indiana and would love to be a part of it. josiahdm@gmail.com


@Josiah yeah this is all full


Haha. Sorry it’s awful.