Individual Defensive Player Rankings

This topic is gaining traction in our world very fast footclan! Dynasty formats are growing even more ,and for good reason.Redraft leagues are becoming a thing of the past with DFS taking a foot hold for many of us on Sundays. So my point is everything is evolving quickly, and dynasty leagues have become the fad. Its only a matter of time until many get tired/ bored from just the same offensive players. Its like kickers and DST…Who does that? Just kidding some people still like to keep top the old school, but who is really only in one league? I have to have some change instead of all offense.

This brings me to my point IDP is still having owners a bit timid. In turn we are seeing barley anywhere out there about the IDP Rankings , and when you do they are awful ,and odds are you have will have different score settings. That being said, I want to bring some of the IDP to life to #footclan-league. I am commissioner on Reality Sports Online ( Contracts not lifetime players) with LB,LB,DE,DT,S,CB and in 2020 will introduce a 2 defensive flex this will us 8 on each side of the ball.

I have made a scoring system that i believe would be used across all formats. Please lets discuss this! I’m tired of the same offensive guys we all know like the back of our hand!

This is my 1st post as a New Member of the #footclan-community. I’m very excited to apart of this amazing group cant wait for the all the topics we can break down together! Would love to get this topic going on #fantasy-article-podcast-talk

I am also a fellow pod caster, and love your support for the future!

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