Indy Hype Train

Okay so I’ll admit i saw the report about Luck throwing a ball with the team in front of the media and went straight to the FA pool to see who was left… Deon Cain was essentially all that greeted me. If you have the space is he worth rostering over say J’Mon Moore?

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for me its a clear YES!
the WR2 spot behind ty hilton is wide open. Cain has good chances to beat out one of Rogers, Grant or Fountain if not all!

The WR depth Chart in green bay looks set beside the WR4 spot…!

personally i like it more to have the potential WR2 on a weaker offense than the WR4 of a powerhouse!

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Great minds, I’ve grabbed him and now i’ll take my seat on the Colts hype train and see where it takes me!

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I drafted Cain in the 4th round of our rookie draft and I’m getting pretty hyped. Everything I’ve heard from camp is the coaching staff has been very impressed with him, so we’ll have to wait and see if that turns into actual production


As far as WR, I like Grant and Cain. No one can fault you for using a 4th rounder or later on a Clemson WR. Grant may be available too. I like Grant a bit better due to experience. It looks like we’re back to the 3 year WR wait until next year where the class is loaded like 2014. I’m targeting Hines and Mack big time in Dynasty. Get the main upside guys on a high powered offense with a bad D on the cheap.

Don’t be shocked if Cain doesn’t work out. I did a bit of film watching on his days at Clemson leading up to my rookie draft, and he was really disappointing to me. He just couldn’t get separation regularly. I guess we will see though