Indy or Buffalo this week?

Indy’s defense is meh but Nathan Peterman is starting and Buffalo’s D is legit. Who do I go with?

Anyone vs Peterman the guy is a turnover machine

I would go Indy D. Peterman is terrible
Despite losing alot of games, Andrew Luck and the Colts have been good on offense and they may get back TY Hilton for this one

Would you guys rather have the Chargers defense against TN over either of these options?

If Bosa was playing I would say yes immediately. Right now I am not sure.

I am prioritizing LAC over either of those two for this week. TEN is garbage. Quite possible the worst offense in football.

Also as it’s over here in London you never know what can happen, most likely wet and turf can lead to issues. That being said the Titans could very well be shut out here again as they look horrendous on offense and the Chargers will make Mariota throw for sure.

Pick up Houston for this week and the next 2 weeks, or Indy for this week then try to pick up another D/ST after this week?

Indy will be good this week before their bye in week 9 and next but if the Texans are available they will be good for the next three weeks until their bye week in week 10 so i’d go for them as a long patch and you don’t need to worry about a DST for a few weeks