Indy vs Bal D

Do I drop the Bal D (against saints) to pick up the Indy D (against bills)? Need a win this week as i’m 2-4.

I did exactly what you just described.

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I picked up the Colts D this week as a streamer. Not saying it will pay huge dividends but the matchup isn’t bad. However, if you drop Baltimore you likely won’t get them back, so you have to think ROS.

I’m playing colts D everywhere.

I wouldn’t drop Baltimore D though.

If you literally don’t have any players to drop to get colts, then just go ahead and play baltimore. They’ll still get enough sacks to make it worthwhile.

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Is Jamaal Charles droppable since Jax just traded for Carlos Hyde?

Jamaal charles was never worth rostering lol.


plugged the colts in, what do you all feel my chances are at winning this week? what recommendations do you have for me trying to make a comeback?

Don’t love your chances but I don’t think its impossible or anything. Any given Sunday man. Anything can happen.

I think the Baltimore D is great, but they have a rough schedule coming up. I dropped them for Indy due to roster space because I had to pick up Chubb. I just don’t see them doing as well against top rated offenses. Mike is right though, if you drop them don’t expect them back.

We did it boys! Good call on the Colts D!

Not like it mattered in your case lol

It mattered! I was 2-4! now 3-4! haha I needed the win!

You won by 25