Inevitable Crushing Mistake

Ok so I’m dealing with the whole James Conner situation like a lot of people, and I have Jaylen Samuels handcuffed, but I also have Phil Lindsay and Spencer Ware in consideration for my two flex spots. I have Gurley/McCaffrey taking up my RB spots already.

If Conner is a go, I play him, right? It’d be ridiculous not to but I’m really leery of high ankle sprains, man.

But what if he isn’t healthy? Should I have already started Ware on Thursday? Because I think I’m leaning Lindsay over Ware (although every other Chief is injured)

My current plan is to go Lindsay/Conner, and then put in Samuels if Conner can’t go. What do you guys think?

If he’s a go sure, but I’m pretty sure the recovery time for that type of injury is closer to 4 weeks.

I have this sneaky suspicion that it’s not going to matter. I mean you have Gurley AND McCaffery? Then add in the steal of the draft Conner AND waiver wire gold mine Lindsay?

If Conner plays, you start him along with Lindsay. Ware is questionable on a short week, but you cannot put him in for Conner/Samuels since you’ll have to wait and see what the Steelers do.

At least he wasn’t immediately ruled out on Monday like last week.

Start Lindsay vs Browns. Browns have been atrocious vs the run this season and Den is at home.

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