Inexperienced trader needing help

Very inexperienced trader here. Thanks for any help.

12 Team 1/2 point ppr
I’m 3-1 so far. 5th in scoring , but 3rd fewest against which really helps.

My Team
QB- Stafford
RB- Lewis, Drake, Yeldon, R.Jones, Cohen, Morris, Blue and Chubb
WR- Julio, OBJ, Tyreek, Kupp
TE- Kittle

I feel I’m a little weak at RB with Drake underperforming. And none of the others are really taking off yet.
The Fournette owner has offered me R. Freeman and Luck for Yeldon. Good trade?

Was also looking to make a deal with a guy for Michel. His (4-0) team…
QB- Cam
RB- Mixon, Ingram, MIchel, Gio, Lindsay, Ekeler, Gore
WR- Brown, Thielen, M.Williams, R. Anderson
TE- Gronk

You think 1 of my stud recievers (specifically OBJ) would be ok to offer for Michel and Lindsay, or would I need to toss in another RB?

Should I do either, neither, or both trades if I can?

freeman and luck for yeldon seems like an ok trade. You get a starter rb + a top12 qb for a starting rb that probably has an expiration date, because fournette is going to get back at some point, maybe after a couple of weeks.
As for OBJ for michel + lindsay, im not sure you really benefit… Sony is sharing load, we havent seen him with the pats losing, and lindsay is not bad, but i wouldnt do it. I think you need obj in your team, and the guy has brown and thielen, he probably doesnt need obj so i dont know… If you really want to trade one of your WRs, you could try looking for a team with WR needs and RBs to trade, obj is a stud, you can get a stud, top 12 rb for him…

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Plus you could potentially be making a team that has a game on you already that much better.

Nope. You have all the leverage there with Yeldon, who he wants/needs desperately. You don’t need Luck, and R. Freeman isn’t enough to really make you better at RB. I would target any better RB he has, maybe even Fournette himself.

for the other team, you could use one of your WR’s to get an RB. i think tyreek+drake for Ingram+Michel could be something reasonable.

i Totally agree with falcons! Don’t listen to the first guy. R Freeman is a good player but is in a time share with Lindsay with Lindsey ahead of him. And luck and Stafford are the same guy . Yeldon will be starting for at least 2 or 3 weeks . If fornette hamy lingers could be longer. I’m a Michel owner. I think he is going to be a great #2 running back. Your 3 recievers are # 1’s. if you trade one of them, I wouldn’t take less then 2 #2 backs . Or if you could get McCaffrey straight up for one of them I would do that too

Awesome. Thanks for all the help everyone.

Gordon is his only other RB. Would it be insulting to counter with say Yeldon and Drake for him?

As a Gordon owner yes it would be, but as you have all the leverage with Yeldon as the guys above say you should try for more.

Maybe Yeldon, drake and Kupp for Gordon but honestly if you can’t get some really good value leveraging Yeldon to the Fournette owner in need then I’d look elsewhere. Play hard ball, Fournette looks to be a nightmare own this year, Yeldon is up there with Coleman as the best handcuff to own as you know the starter is missing time and will likely miss more