Infirmary Outlook

What are some players you are likely to avoid this year? For me:

  1. Julio. Maserati is still impressive but lotta miles and nagging injuries. Also, two games he will be facing Lattimore.

  2. Fournette. Tea leaves are saying he will miss games.

  3. JuJu. He is being shady about the knee issue and he is a young man.

  4. Watson. Film on him now. Don’t want to cringe every time he runs.

  5. Luck.

Not saying I would not draft them but it would have to be an ideal situation. Certainly would not pay market value.

I don’t avoid anyone if the price is right. I actually love all the players you mentioned to have good years

I would not consider Watson anywhere near the current asking price. I’d take a stab at Luck around QB12, but no earlier.

All about the ADP. I don’t typically avoid someone purely because of their injury history, looming suspension, etc. I think each of the players you listed have a ton of upside and each have a reasonably good ADP, with Watson and Luck being the exceptions IMO.

I don’t think I would rule any of these guys out completely.

Julio: if he falls to you in the 2nd, you really have to consider him. Sarkisian is in for another year, and those hiccups the Falcons offense experienced should go away.

Fournette: we loved it when he waved the opposing player in to take a shot at him. What a tough guy. But I wouldn’t take him at his current ADP. If you’re at 8 or 9 in a 10 or 12 team snake draft, he probably won’t be there if you pass on him. But if he falls to you in the 2nd, take him. You’ll already have your stud first rounder, plus him. Your draft would be off to a great start.

JuJu: it’s July. Withhold judgement until TC. He expects to fully participate. He’s currently going in the 5th, behind T.Y. Hilton, Diggs, and Amari and ahead of Alshon, Brandin Cooks, and Fitz. If he’s fully healthy, he’s right there in that grouping, not over valued.

Watson and Luck: Also important to wait until pre-season here.

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Really, Julio in the late 1st is a steal.

Obviously too early but, current pulse, these players would have to drop some for me. I would take them but just not at their current market value.

Last season I strongly focused on healthy players. That position paid off due to all the injuries. Not an exact science obviously but it worked well.

Will be doing the same this season; healthy and good cog wheels. I threw one dart at Carlos Hyde last year though but I got him for dirt cheap.