Info on trade

Team A gets:

Cam Newton
Todd Gurley
Tyreke Hill

Team B gets:

Saquon Barkey
Michael Thomas
Jarvis Landry

I’m considering it but what do ya’ll think especially with rest of way schedules?

What QB does the Barkley/MT owner have?

Wilson, Jackson, Trubisky.

Give me side A all day

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anyone else?

a side for me

no one worried about gurney sitting to rest?

not unless you have a week 17 playoffs. he has a bye so he will be rested

Gurely sitting is a legitimite fear, but with the kind of season he’s had i wouldn’t be suprised if Mcvay kept his foot on the gas to see what kind of records Gurley could break.

just a different perspective,

I’d still take side A for Tyreek and Cam

Our playoff matchups are week 14-15 and 16-17

I’m just going off last year how mcvay rested gurley and if they have nothing to play for week 16 or 17, then I could see him getting rest

week 17 is the only game he would have to rest for, because the saints are only 1 game behind them and they hold the tiebreaker, so unless the Saints lose a game between now and week 16, the Rams have to keep on goin on if they want that first round bye

Side A for me and it’s not that close imo. Landry being in there really throws off the trade for side B.

agreed. I know side A is better just worried about playoffs and gurley resting and maybe even hill depending on how the AFC plays out.

true. I’m locked in #1 playoff so really only considering this because of the upgrade and I have other players to take the bye spots for hill and gurley.

Nah you should be fine. Chiefs have the Steelers and Pats breathing down their necks and Rams are currently the number 2 seed to the Saints and I can’t see either of those 2 teams losing many more. My guess is they’ll all be playing for something week 17 this year.

I’m thinking the same. My mind is telling me do it, but my finger won’t hit the button

Are you getting side A?

yeah I am , the guy offering the trade is in the running for playoff and needs a win this week or he is out

Yeah, I’d be hitting accept all day. The only tough part is losing MT, but Gurley and Hill make up for that. Also, Cam has one of the best playoff schedules for qbs.