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Ingram and Watkins for Hyde?


Need Advice…someone in my .5ppr league offered me Ingram and Sammy Watkins for Carlson Hyde. thoughts ???


Ehhh, you’re good rn with Hyde… Ingram will not give you nearly as high a ceiling and Watkins WILL disappoint you week in and out. If you’re looking to trade Hyde, you could get more right now for sure than what this league member is offering you.


I can back this statement up. Especially in a .5 league Ingram wont get you anything with Kamara in the picture.


I’d try for a better WR. I expect Ingram to start getting more work. Seems like they try to relegate him every year, and every year he proves he’s they’re best RB. I expect him to be a high end RB2 by year’s end, and he’s been a low end RB2 to date, which to me is his floor.


Awesome thanks guys.