Ingram + Conner for hopkins? .5 PPR

I have the Hopkins owner wanting to trade me … Ingram and Conner for Hopkins… I’d rather give him Ingram and Lindsay but he dont want that… Half Point PPR

Is that to much to pay? WIth conner possibly losing his Job should I cash in now?

my other WRs are Julio, Kupp & Golladay

RBs= Fournette, Bell, Conner, Ingram, Lindsay, Michel, A.Jones… RES Foreman

You certainly don’t straight up lose by doing this, but I’d want to hang on to both of those guys above any other RB you have (along with Bell of course). I’d target an elite WR with some combo of Fournette/Lindsay/Michel/A Jones. I bet Fournette and A Jones/Lindsay could get you Diggs/Thielen. Or OBD. D. Adams…Adams would be really good for you actually. TD scorer. And owner might be afraid of his injury situation(s).

who does the Yeldon owner have? that would be my first look since they would prob value fournette more than anyone else

The Diggs owner is my arch rival… He will never trade with me lol… The Adams owner is the highest scoring team in the league and doesnt wanna make a trade… The thielen owner thats his only good player and he said hes making no trades all season… and NO BODY wants Fournette… Ive been trying to package him all season… Not even the yeldon owner

The hopkins owner is the Yeldon owner but he dont want Fournette…

Maybe I could squeeze Yeldon outta him in a package deal… Yeldon + Hopkins for?

I sent him an offer of Ingram + Lindsay for Hopkins to start negotiations lol let’s see what happens…

hope you get that one. hopkins owner owns Yeldon too? that would be great to get both those guys

Yeah it would be great but he wont let go of yeldon hes already told me that…

He wants Conner and Ingram for Hopkins… Nothing less… Should I do it?

For those interested we did wind up trading… I gave up Conner + Ingram… I got Hopkins + Yeldon

Im happy with the Trade… But please, tell me how silly I am or how I gave up to much… Its part of the rush of trading I love it lol…