Ingram for 49ers backfield (dynasty)

I got offered the 49ers backfield, mckinnon included, for ingram in my ppr dynasty. my team is 0-4 and i’m doing a slight rebuild - like it?

Yeah I don’t mind that trade for dynasty. Even thought I am the resident McKinnon hater. I think he’s pretty average at best but the upside is, given he didn’t get prove how mediocre he was this year in a lead back role, the dreamers will still hold on to that promise and potential so you can unload him in the next off season when the hype gets out of control again for a decent haul. Probably get a couple 1sts out of him. McKinnon truthers will continue to find excuses for his past performance and reasons why he will be a stud.

Ingram is 30 next year. And if you’re not competing, send him off now for any return. You also get Breida in the trade as a bonus.

I am also a McKinnon doubter (vikings fan, saw about 90% of his games to know what he is and isn’t). I might try to get a late 1st round pick for Ingram instead.

If you’re going to trade both anyway, you probably get more out of Mckinnon + Breida.

If breida has another big game, you can probably get a decent 2nd for him and you’ll get a 1st rounder for mcKinnon at a bare minimum. Lot of McKinnon truthers out there.

Going to be hard to get a 1st for Ingram unless a contending team loses an RB due to injury during playoffs or something. Even then, probably still not a 1st.