Ingram for AJ Green?

I would be getting AJ.
Current rbs are Ingram, Jay Ajayi, Marshawn, Crowell.

WRs are brown, Jordy, Diggs, Parker.

I’m scratching and clawing at 2-5. Do the trade or no?

I offered Jordy and Matt Ryan. He came back with Ingram.

Ehhh I probably wouldn’t. It is tough to say no to AJ Green, but you don’t have any depth at RB. I would do it if you can turn around and trade Jordy for a top consistent back.

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I also have DMC on my beach waiting to see how the Dallas RB situation pans out. I feel like this would be an easier decision if I new McFadden was gonna take over for 6 weeks

I would target another team who needs a WR and try and snag someone for Jordy before giving away Ingram.

Examples - trade Jordy for Doug Martin, CJ Anderson, Ameer Abdullah, someone like that.

Trade off Ingram for Aj green, you increase overall.

And check waivers for Dion Lewis as he could add depth to your RB core and people overlook the 4 headed back field of NE often.

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I would not do that. You are in bad shape If ingram is gone. I would fire back with Jordy and Diggs. Upgrade your WR and sell the potential of Diggs