Ingram for Allen

Standard 12 Team

Giving Mark Ingram, getting Keenan Allen

My current RBs: Carson, Coleman, Sanders, AP

Current WRs: Julio, Woods, Gallup, Tate

I’m not sure I’d do this… Your WRs are pretty solid as is and you may need the depth Ingram provides you at RB. In a vacuum it’s a good trade but I just don’t like it for your team personally.

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Kinda how I felt as well, I just like getting outside opinions

Ya I agree. The deal is super solid. But not for your team. It leaves you a little lacking at the RB position. If you can go out and flip another piece I’d consider doing it.

I’ve been trying to trade Woods for a playable RB but haven’t had any takers

Ya, woods hasn’t been that great thanks to Goff. I think you’d either have to move Julio or wait a few weeks for Gallup to come back.