Ingram for Carlos Hyde?

Who’s more valuable for the rest of the season?
Should I stash Ingram?

I really like Ingram, and am all about buying low on him right now, but Hyde is not buying low. Kamara has established himself as the lead back for New Orleans, which means Ingram probably gets 12-15 touches man per week. Hyde is looking like a workhorse in an offense with new life under Mayfield.

So do it? :joy:

Sorry, I read this as you trying to obtain Ingram. Yes, I think I would trade ingram for hyde.

Care to comment on how poorly Kamara has run the football? With a 3.8 yard per carry mark, this backfield will revert to something akin to what we saw last year, with Ingram manning 1st and 2nd, and Kamara manning 3rd downs. Both will be on the field a lot, but Ingram has the inside track for goal line work as well (in my opinion).

I do like Ingram, but I LOVE Hyde. He’s 2nd in rushing attempts despite having the 21st ranked time share (58.5%), not to mention he’s top 10 in RZ attempts as well. Hyde has been excellent and there’s NO reason for Cleveland to make any changes in that backfield.

Kamara has been a very good runner if you actually watch the game in my opinion. YPC is a pointless stat to me. Also, I think kamara has earned the 1a role. The saints defense is not close to what it was last year, so I would be utterly shocked if they return to run heavy ways of 2017, cuz I don’t think they can more than any other reason. Like i said, I like Ingram coming back, he is underrated. But still prefer Hyde as workhorse.

I agree that I prefer Hyde, but Kamara’s run game efficiency numbers are way down across the board.

True Yards Per Carry is even lower at 3.5
Yards Created is 10.3/g (32nd in the league
Yards created per carry .47 (50th in the league)

His passing numbers are outrageous, but Ingram is a clear upgrade in terms of pure rushing. In fact, adding Ingram may make Kamara even BETTER as a runner; they are a pretty wonderful tandem, and Ingram is a borderline RB1 even with Kamara on the field.

All of this is academic, as I’d argue Hyde’s opportunity + talent combo right now is near the top of the league. In this specific exercise, I’m taking Hyde all day.

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And to provide a little context

Kamara in 2017, YPC 6.1, YPC 16.6/g, Yards created per touch 1.31 and he only accounted for 26.3% of his teams yards on the ground (it’s up to 28% this year, but spotlights the dip in efficiency)

We all knew he’d regress slightly on the ground, but his passing game involvement makes him a top 10 player REGARDLESS.

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Great insight on this. I have both Kamara and Ingram and was going to start them for the 1-2 punch combo like last year and was steamrolling people. Actually going to see about reaching out to the Hyde owner about a trade… 1/2 PPR with points for carries, first downs, and long plays

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea to start em both against the right defenses. I may wait to see how Ingram looks before inserting him, but I expect he and Kamara to co-exist well just like last year.