Ingram for cooks and white?

So I’m getting an offer for my Ingram for cooks and white. Is this a fair trade? I drafted Ingram with the intention on starting him.
I have agholor, Tate, cooper, davis, cole and Ginn jr at wr and Barkley, Howard, ingram, burkhead, michel, and Clement at rb.
I feel pretty comfortable with my team as of right now and dont feel the need to trade. Just curious if I might be missing out on cooks

if you didnt own the other 2 rbs in ne i would say definitely do this but 3 rbs from the same team is quite risky. if you can move michel and/or burk i think you definitely do it. white is going to be the most consistent back in ne this season imo and cooks definitely improves your wrs because theyre all very very risky. also if this is ppr then i do it and worry about the rbs later, this deal seems too good to pass up given your wr depth and rb depth.

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True that’s a good point. The really most consistent player at wr right now is Tate being the lions are gunna be throwing alot. He also just offered me Peterson instead of white. And white probably is the best play but ne backfield you never know what you’ll get week in and out.

But at the same time I don’t want to feed him studs. He’s already got Zeke and just traded to get bell. The only upside is I play him week 6 which is in grams bye