Ingram for Crabtree and Henry

I was just offered Crabtree and Henry in a .5 PPR.

Current RB are Hunt, Martin, and Ingram

Current WR are Baldwin, Watkins, Matthews, Crowder, Kupp

Do i do the trade?

That’s pretty close. I think Ingram is a top 12 RB from here on out. Crabtree is the same level of WR that Ingram is pretty much. I’m not really sold on Henry being an every week started until we see him consistently out touch Demarco. I probably wouldn’t do this because I would want a little better RB back (like maybe Kamara or Duke Johnson). I couldn’t blame you if you accepted though. Fair trade

Well one of my friends talked me out of it. so trying to get McKinnon instead of Henry. May have to give up Martin instead though for that. HMMMMMMMMM

I would rather give up Martin than Ingram I think honestly. They are the same tier but Ingram catches more passes. I think people don’t realize how good Ingram was last year. He was top 10 basically last year in PPR.

Oh i know he was. I had him last year too. That why i drafted him this year as well. Only reason I kinda like Martin better is he has no one to share the backfield with really

Yea, but Ingram is getting touches this year still. He has out touched Kamara in every game, and last week out touched him 30 to 14. Probably splitting hairs between the two honestly.


I would take the deal if he wants Martin. I agree with @swissarmyaccountant Ingram is the better back. You are upgrading at WR and getting close to the same vaule back in RB this is a steal.


Alright I put out the offer for Crabtree and McKinnon for Martin. Thinking he might counter with Theilan though.

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I wouldn’t take Theilan and McKinnon for Martin.