Ingram for hilton trade

Would you take ty hilton for mark Ingram? I have kamara, cmc, and Michel at rb. Tate, j brown, and Goodwin at wr.

Anybody? I also just added Chubb.

I wouldn’t. I think you’ll be able to get much better for Ingram and I am esp averse to Hilton with his unclear injury situation. You need a better WR for sure soon though. I think Ingram can get you JuJu+ after one more good week.

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I tend to agree. Unfortunately, I don’t know that this week is that week going against the best defense in the NFL. This might actually be your best sell high moment on Ingram. See if you can get Hilton plus a usable depth rb.

Thanks for the advice. Just trying to find the best way to improve my wide receivers without making myself too thin at running back as well. My current running backs are Kamara, Ingram, Howard, CMC, Michel, and now Chubb. Would it be better to try to package two of them together for someone like Antonio Brown? The guy with Juju is in 1st and not interested.