Ingram for MVS

12-team 1RB standard scoring team. Here’s my team:
RB: Saquon, Ingram, Howard, Gallman, McGuire
WR: AJ, K.Allen, Lockett, Parker
TE: Watson, Dickson (not for long)

I think this trade makes sense but want some feedback on trading Ingram for MVS given that I can run Saquon (RB) and Howard (flex) the rest of the season. I’m 6-3 and trying to hang on to a playoff spot down the stretch.

Thinking about making the same offer in my 10 team league.

MVS would be a good flex option for you as well. Ingram is getting the snaps but the opportunities aren’t there. It is troubling. I would do it.

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i think you can get more for Ingram.

What other receivers does the other team have?

Julio, Alshon, Marvin Jones, Cobb

Alshon or Jones is a close trade to me for Ingram.

No way he’s making that without me adding another piece. Earlier he wanted Allen and Ingram for Alshon and Hyde

That’s a huge sell low on Ingram.

Wow, okay haha

It’s a toss up for me since he wants to play hardball. I’d hold or try to sell him to the kamara owner.

What WR range would you expect to get for Ingram? He’s not getting the same production as he did last year.

I should say this is also a keeper league and MVS was picked up for $1. He’s scored 10 points in 4 straight weeks and Allison is going to the IR…

Wow, what a difference a week makes lol. I’m glad I was able to flip him for Diggs last week.

That being said, I would try to get more for him than MVS. I think MJJ or Golladay would be a more even swap at this point.

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I actually just got asked for the Pats D. We’re kicking around Edelman/Ravens for Ingram/Pats

I am concerned about all things Detroit after this past week. I have Stafford on my bench in favor of Mitch Trubisky. That being said, I did throw an offer out to the Kamara owner; Ingram for Golladay/Burton