Ingram & Goff vs D. Williams & Gallup

Hi FantasyFootballers!

So I got offered the following trade. I’m leaning ‘NO’, but I’d like a second opinion.

My roster:

QB: Russel Wilson & Jared Goff
RB: Todd Gurley, Austin Ekeler, Chris Carson, Malcolm Brown, Mark Ingram, Darwin Thompson & Tevin Coleman
WR: Deandre Hopkins, Michael Thomas & Tyreek Hill
TE: OJ Howard
K: Will Lutz
D: San Francisco

Now someone’s offering me Damien Williams & Michael Gallup for Mark Ingram & Jared Goff.

First of all: I don’t really mind losing my back-up QB (Goff), and I’m willing to take a chance on Gallup (who I know is injured). I got Ingram a little higher than Damien Williams, but I don’t know if I should expect some regression.

My answer would be ‘NO’ to the trade, since I’m pretty satisfied with my team as is. But maybe you can change my mind?

It’s a 12 team PPR. I’m currently 2-0.


I would also say no, I bet you could find a better deal with teams hurting at QB. Especially since its a 12 team league