Ingram / K. Allen / Brate for Jax RBs / Adams / Olsen

I’m 5-0 in a 12 team, 1RB league and I just got offered this deal.
My other RBs: Saquon, Howard, Powell, Ronald Jones
Other WRs: AJ, Lockett, Callaway, Cole

Seems like Yeldon’s ability to stay good and Fournette’s ability to actually play are the key decision points here but I kind of like the deal. What do you think?

To confirm you are the current Ingram owner?
I would not take this trade.
You are a juggernaut right now. And you are getting mediocrity and huge injury risks.
Again, would not do this trade if I was current Ingram owner with your other lineup

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Yep, I’m the Ingram owner

yeah you are trading away top 15 if not top 10 players at their posistion.
to get a backup, an injury prone rb1, a TE who more than likely will finish the season on IR.
Adams is the only thing of value in that trade you are getting. Olsen will be good for 3 games till he breaks his foot again and retires.
I do not think you are getting nearly enough value for what you are giving up

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