I wanna hear all the opinions for why Kamara didn’t play today and just got vastly out snapped by Ingram… rest? Injury? I just loss by 4 tonight because of kamara not playing hardly.

I’m not trading him or anything crazy I just want opinions to see what people are thinking is the cause.

think the saints wanted to get ingram back in the mix asap and figure out what they can expect from him going forward. then, the saints quickly demonstrated zero difficulty moving the ball, got a good lead going, and didn’t really need to jeopardize Kamara’s health by playing him much more in a game that they had in the bag already.

moreover, they were trying to get Brees to the passing yards record in this game at home. so they drew up a lot of deep ball plays to get him there, and extended that lead even further as those plays all worked pretty seamlessly.

lastly, they had plenty of reason to let ingram take more of the workload as he immediately showed he was fully capable of picking up yardage vs. that defense tonight, bc im sure they wanted to let kamara rest as much as possible without putting a win at risk. kamara had been handling the whole backfield on his own for 4 weeks with no break leading up to this game. they could rest Kamara while not sacrificing anything by letting ingram handle more of the load. ideal scenario for the saints.


also, showing off ingram’s ability and threat as both a runner and pass catcher is exactly what the saints want their opponents to see. yet another weapon on this offense for their opponents to figure out how to prepare for, instead of being able to focus game prep primarily on defending against Kamara.

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I think u hit it spot on and I couldn’t have said it any better myself… I believe it wasn’t meant to be setup with kamara only touching the ball 9 times but Ingram was effective and Brees was definitely gonna get his on prime time at home chasing a historic record… game script was absolutely perfect to rest kamara and I see them being in about a 50-50 split if I had to guess going forward… also if u watched with kamara barely playing when he did get in the game the cornerbacks were taking away the little passes out to the flats leaving those deep balls wide open for brees and that man doesn’t miss… I still love kamara going forward I just wanted to see the over exaggerated reactions from only one game where kamara needed the rest.

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