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Ingram or Mckinnion


Who would you rather have Ingram or Mckinnion? .5PPR, this would be my RB 2/3.


McKinnion, Ingram has a suspension mixed with odd coaching decisions topped with Kamara taking receptions.


I’d go Ingram. He was a top 6 back in ppr in 2017 producing 278 points. McKinnon, 178. Yes, he has the suspension but Saints run game revolves around the 1-2 punch that is Ingram-Kamara. Plus, 9ers like Breida and I think he’ll be involved as well and Kamara averaged only about 7 carries a game.


I think Ingram too. When he plays he’s an rb1. I know McKinnon has the reins for once but we don’t know if he will be able to hold up. Plus jimmy G didn’t target RBs in the pass game. Not sure if McKinnon will get as many targets as he is being projected to get.


@rogers11991, there is no guarantee that 1-2 punch will involve Ingram as much. Also if you look at what Kamara did with those 7 targets, it explains why he didn’t get more. Such as…no need to throw him the ball 3 times in one drive when he takes it to the house on the first pass. As those huge runs go down, I think the volume will go up. I have also not read anything substantial about the 9’ers liking Breida. They paid for McKinnon for a reason, if you like a guy you don’t pay someone else with a similar skill set a ton of money. Shanahan also knows how to get production out of two receiving RBs.

@Rossoj, watch the Falcon’s play calls in 2016. Shanahan designs plays for receiving RBs. Now I am not saying that 1 for 1 McKinnon is better than Ingram, but the opportunity/situation tilt the scales.

And I think it is foolish not to the that Kamara is going to see an increase in work load.


So I like your advice, I am in a 10 team keeper league I got Kamara and Hunt, Keep Kamara?


Equal cost?


Simple man perspective here- McKinnon will be a starter week 1 in a pass-heavy Shanahan offense.
You have to wait 4 weeks for Ingram and Payton is not forgiving on those that receive suspensions (i.e. Willie Snead). Ingram may get goalline touches, but Kamara and the WRs in Nawlins can be very explosive. I think Brees will revert to the mean and utilize air schemes more than ground-and-pound.
Best of luck!