Ingram or Mixon?

Should i start ingram or Mixon in a ppr league with a bonus at 150 yards? Leaning ingram with the bengals line being crap but rankings on multiple sites have mixon being a better pick.

I prefer Ingram this week.

Mixon vote here. Guy is beast. His line was bad last year as well and he still delivered.

Im split cause he has been good but the seahawks are great and they really only have tyler boyd for targets outside of mixon meaning theyll just load the box. Not to mention ingram is up against miami

Trust your stud here…I think ingram has a good game but why draft mixon if you are going to start some one over him? his matchups all season will look poor just like they did last season and he delivered…in order to be a stud you are not matchup dependent…

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or Rather should i be asking Woods or Ingram in my flex? i feel like im looking at the ingram matchup and licking my chops at that

No indication of when this person drafted. If they drafted 2 months ago, should they disregard current information?

drafted last week but heres the team. probably my least exciting one i drafted

Yes when it comes to studs you do… would you sit Barkley if his whole offensive line got hurt today and they played all back ups? Are you sitting zeke with the supposed only 20-25 snap counts? answer is no to both of those same applies to mixon in my opinion…his line isnt gettign better and the seahawks are not top 5 defense so the answer is you are not sitting a stud…

hard to say on the ingram woods front…ingrams match up is really solid but so is woods so I thinks its a preference play I would prob play ingram because I lean the work load for rbs.

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I will add this opinion changes week 3-4 if mixon is getting hammered due to the lines ineffectiveness…but season start we just dont know.

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Just me…

I would 100% sit any running back if their entire line was backups (without an off season of practice together).

I try not to make lineup decisions based on snap comments days before the game. And especially from Dallas. “…I think we can get him the ball a dozen, twenty, two dozen times a game…”

Ingram was criminally under-drafted.

I would not use ADP to set my lineups.

Honestly its part of whats great about fantasy football…many different ways to come to your decisions and i’m not going to knock this idea as it could be highly effective.

I dont use adp either but I do use history/talent more early in the season… I agree on the ingram underrated idea he always has been

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