Ingram Owners Support Group

This is the unofficial support group for all Mark Ingram owners suffering through these tough times.
As we try to make sense of the last three weeks, I would like to come together with my brothers and sisters in comforting each other that we can get through this rough water at the beginning of the season.

Please share your thoughts about Ingram here, and remember that this is a safe place…:joy:

I will start…
Hi, I’m Toru. I drafted Ingram in the 4th round after an amazing top 3 draft picks of Zeke, Adams, and Julio.
I thought there’s no way my team won’t smash to start the season. A top 3 RB paired with Top 7 WRs and a reliable RB2…what can go wrong??
Well, we all know the story…both Adams and Jones hurt, Zeke is…okay, and Ingram an absolute, catastrophic, undeniably horrible bust of a pick so far. I can’t trade him, I can’t drop him, I can’t start him. Ingram has made the RB limbo his permanent home until otherwise proven and I don’t know if what I saw last night on the field was a still in his productive years Ingram or entering his decline Ingram…
I just need someone to hold my hand tonight as we go to waivers and scrape the bottom of the barrel for something…ANYTHING!! that can prevent the downward spiral of my once glorious team.
Thank you :sob:

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lol I’m in the same boat. Gotta hang on to him cause yeah noone will trade for him believe me ive tried! Can’t drop him because of a possible bye week play just gotta hope they go back to what worked last year and that was him but gotta feeling it’s gonna be a headache all year :weary:

I finally moved him in one league!! Lol
Packaged him with Julio to get Diontae Johnson and Mark Andrews. I also have Davante Adams so not hurting in WR, and I got a massive upgrade in TE!!
But I still have him in one league so the headache continues…:sweat:

I feel this so deeply… I got him in the middle of the 6th round and I felt like a struck gold!!! Now I am sitting here looking at my bench thinking, can I really start Rex Burkhead over Ingram this week…but what choice do I have…ugh