Ingram/Sanders for Johnson/Kupp

It’s a 0.5 PPR. Double Flex League. Would be giving up Ingram and Sanders for DJ and Kupp. I’m worried Sanders will regress with DT gone. Ingram is worrying me a lot too.

My current RBs are Gordon, Ekeler, Howard, Ingram, and Mack

WRs are Tyreek, JuJu, Sanders, Landry, and Baldwin.

Just a bump.

All in all I think it’s a wash of a trade. You seem to be good in both positions, just getting a better RB and worse WR imo. If you’re worried about Sanders (I’m not) than go ahead, but I think he’s going to get force-fed targets now. And Ingram is a buy low candidate for a lot of people after two somewhat disappointing weeks, so keep that in mind. He was going up against very tough defenses.

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