Ingram & Sanders for Zeke & Agholor

Hi foot clan,

I’ve been offered the trade of Ingram & Sanders for my Zeke & Agholor

My team has Lynch, Howard, Clement & Zeke at RB
Allen, Thielen, Agholor, Goodwin, Kirk & Westbrook at WR

Its a 2 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex position league, standard scoring.

I’m very tempted as it would make my WR’s and Flex feel much better with more upside with Sanders. And I like Howard and Lynch for a steady floor with the upside of Ingram

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

Pass. As much as I love sanders, I don’t really like Ingram that much. His success was largely based on

  1. his massive volume share early on in the year which faded late into the year and into playoffs.
  2. Saints D which is non existent this year

You’re pretty good at WR with Thielen/Allen and I don’t think you should take the hit from Zeke to Ingram in order to add a 3rd WR right now.

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Thanks for some feedback. Think it is the Ingram role in the offence that has put me off this but Sanders as a solid flex seemed good