Ingram Trade Value?

First year in DyNASTY league. I have a good team. Already 4-0. Made some key trades already this year since Luck retired from my team…

Traded for Brees, gave up Gallman and my next two 3rds. Then he, as you know, became unable to play for my team.

Then traded Kelce, Higgins and Drew Lock
Kupp, Hooper and Josh Allen. . . I know right!

So I’m killing it besides having Rudolph in as my QB.

But I have been offered Mark Ingram for a 1st round pick. Thatll give me just a 2nd in the 2020 draft.

Is this a go? Hes 29. A few more years left in him. Will Justice take over sooner than later? How much value does that 1st round pick, most likely 9th or 10th overall, have?

Thanks in advance!
Billy Wonka