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Ingram trade?


I have been trying to get this trade to go through and I keep getting vetoed and I am not sure why…

The deal is: I send McKinnon and a 3rd round pick in next years draft
And I get: Ingram and a 7th round pick

Am I crazy and this is not a fair trade? The Ingram owner is 2-5 and injury riddled so he is trying to build for next year.


I’ve been dealing with veto’s myself in a couple leagues past couple days, and it shouldn’t happen unless there is collusion. This looks nothing like it.


Yea definitely none. My team has had a strong start and is 6-1 so I think they are just trying to not let me build too much more but thats just me. Just wanted to get some feedback on it!


Call them out on their shit…


Yea seems legit to me.