Ingram/TreQuan for Freeman/Godwin

After listening the recent ffballer pods I ended up offering Mark Ingram and TreQuan Smith in exchange for Devanta Freeman and Chris Godwin. Standard Dynasty league. Am I getting good value?

This is a pretty lowball offer tbh. Ingram in dynasty is barely worth a 2nd round rookie pick. Same with Trequan.

Freeman > Ingram by a mile.

Godwin and Smith aren’t even remotely close. If Godwin were in a rookie draft, he would be a top 3 pick, easily.

If the other guy accepts, I’d take it a run.


i would rather have ingram in a run happy offense like the ravens (only thing that concerns me is their D, which they will need to lean on to pull off what kind of offense they are going for) over freeman, and i would rather have godwin over smith. and since i value RBs more than WRs, i wouldnt offer this trade. i believe in ingrams ability to be an RB1 this year, with him going to the ravens and their run happy O. i havent ran any hard numbers on him for what i think will happen, but my guess right now is about 225 rushes, for over 1k yards, 8-12 TDs, (this is where it gets hairy because i dont know what lamars throw to RBs is like and im being lazy and not looking it up right now lol) but about 50 receptions, for 400 yards and i would guess between 0-5 TDs. i have freeman about similar, but my problem with that is, i dont like freemans health, and i love ingrams ceiling in this O. their floors non injury are about similar though, with ingram a little lower.

It depends on where you are leaning. I think both RBs will be decent, but I do like Ingram more and love the BAL landing spot for potential. Not sure how it will actually go, but I see the upside. That said, Freeman is way better than people are giving him credit for, but you have an injury concern which is real. So it just depends on where you want to place your RB risk.

However, Godwin by a country mile is the winner here. You get him and the running backs are a wash. I would like the Godwin side here.