Ingram Value?

Curios to know what you think Ingram is worth? Could I trade him for a WR2 and a RB2? I was thinking going for Juju. The JuJu owner also has Kerryon and Jacobs.
I have McLaurin, Mike Williams, DeMarcus, Miles Sanders, Pollard and Jaylen.
Think I could do Ingram and Williams or McLaurin maybe thrown in DeMarcus for Jacobs and Juju?

I think if i saw Ingram and McLaurin for Jacobs and Juju id want the Ingram side. Just my opinion

What about Kerryon and JuJu for Ingram and Williams with Robinson.?

I personally think that Ingram will remain an RB1 all season. I would not want JuJu this season. If you could parlay Ingram for an RB1 and an another solid RB i would do that however you are pretty weak at RB. RB’s, for the most part, are good week to week. WR’s are more boom or bust typically. A strong backfield can win the league. Maybe whoever has tyreek hill on their bench also has a good RB. Trade ingram and mike williams for hill and a rb1?