Ingram vs collins ros

Who would you rather have ros

Ingram. He can run, catch, block. Probably the best all purpose RB right now. He is about to blow up with screens. OL is also stout. Tried to get him but was not paying over $20 without him for 4 games. Ended up working out but yeah, he is low end RB1 rest of the way.

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uhh… Gurley? Gordon? CMC?

Ingram over Collins for sure though. Not a big fan of collins at all. Never have been. Don’t like the talent, and coaches hate him.

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Alright I was thinking that the ravens offense was too inconsistent and they really do hate him I feel lol. But I do believe Ingram has more upside and potential than collins just looking for feedback. Thx

People are underestimating Ingram. He is also in a contract year. This is his last hurrah for that deal. Look what he did in one game. Pretty much took the thing over and would have if not for the Brees record thing. Ravens are stout but so what. He’ll have some dive runs for sure but the screens. That’s where he will make money. He is an excellent pass catcher. Probably his only flaw is downfield vision. He tries to runover when it’s not needed. You are in good shape with him.

Ok then here’s a large trade I have on the table would love to hear thoughts. Im leaning on the side of keep what I have but make a smaller trade listed above.
My roster
Rbs. Collins, bell, mack, breida, j Richards foreman
Wrs allen fuller edleman t Williams a Wilson
His roster
Rbs ingram connor Montgomery, l miller
Wrs green thelian calloway cole.
The trades on the table:
Collins, mack, Richards, allen, edleman
Ingram, connor, thelian, cole/cam newton
Trade 2
Collins, mack, allen, fuller, Richards
Green ingram connor cole/ cam
Trade 3 smaller trade if I don’t want to give up a lot
Collins mack Richard’s
Ingram, connor, calloway

Lol I know it’s a lot but honestly the trade is huge. Lots of factors

That game was a rest game for Kamara lol. They blew them out.

For the last 6 games of last year, Ingram was a middling RB2 as Kamara begun to out touch him and take over the reigns.

People put way too much into this “its a contract year so he’ll be amazing” narrative. Contract year doesn’t give people special abilities all of the sudden in the twilight of their career. Ingram is cool and all and he has been criminally underrated and disrespected for a few years but to say he is the best all purpose back in the league is a joke. Can name at least 6 others who are better, one of which is on the same team.

He is the best all purpose back. Maybe not for fantasy but including blocking he is the best. Go look at his protection. He is the best all around RB. He also has no attitude like Bell. He will do whatever it takes. Kamara is a WR. I don’t care what his position says he is a WR. I don’t even compare Ingram to Kamara.

This Ravens game. Watch the screens and the blocking is all I am saying. Fantasy, no he is not the best but putting all attributes into perspective he is the best.

I agree he’s a great blocker. But being the best blocker doesn’t make you the best all purpose back if there are better runners, better pass catchers etc. Not to mention gurley, zeke, bell are all excellent in pass pro as well.

The screen success in NO is cause of scheme. Payton is the best at scheming RBs open. That’s why they have consistently been one of the best screen running teams in football, before ingram even got there and will continue to be once ingram leaves. Gurley was fantastic too last year cause McVay designed really good screen games. He’s not even the highest rated pass pro RB in the league lol. Seems like you’re very biased towards ingram for some reason.

Kamara is a WR? lol. Except he averages more YPC than Ingram throughout their respective careers? How do you ignore that?

Not sure why you’re fixated on this concept of him being the best all purpose back. Also, not sure what attitude has to do with running the ball. Emit smith had an attitude. Held out until he got paid. He’s in the HoF.

How do you know other RB’s won’t do whatever it takes? Saying stuff like that sounds cool and all but there is no data to suggest ingram is the “best all purpose back”. He’s a great back and very underrated, but he doesn’t even crack top 5 in the NFL. Seems like you’re fixated on your narrative and I’m stuck on mine though so let’s agree to disagree. And just agree that Ingram is a good RB in the NFL.

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If you had to pick between Tarik Cohen vs. NE, Ingram @ Ravens, or Diggs @ Jets, which 2 of 3 would you play? Cohen has a stupid matchup, Ingram does have a tougher matchup but the last few times the best offense has met the best defense it turned into a crap show for the D (and NO offense is steamrolling), and Diggs has had an ok year granted his down games came with stud CB’s covering him (he’s the number one and garners the coverage of the best DB’s).

I really like Ingram, he’s a tremendous talent, and sharing the backfield in this manner can definitely add more time to his playing career if he can stay in NO and continue on this same rate sharing time with Kamara. He has been underrated and underappreciated for years. But as much as I like him as a player and am biased towards viewing him in a high regard, I don’t think I agree with him being the best all purpose back. He’s one of the most well-rounded talents playing running back in the NFL, but I tend to agree that Bell and Gurley have an edge due to their explosiveness and big play ability. Even Kamara is at parity with Ingram. Zeke is up there and so is DJ.

Diggs at Jets for sure for me.

I’d still probably play Ingram over Cohen.

I will eat crow if he does not perform this weekend but I have seen enough. He is the best all purpose RB in the NFL and does not need the volume of Gurley or a Bell to make it happen. That is enormous value. Even if NO falls behind he is still an option. Wish I would have over paid for him but that is life.

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Could be worse… Could have traded for Fournette 2 weeks ago and overpaid there… Ingram should be low RB1 ROS, just because of his goal line work alone in this insanely high powered offense. You are right about the fact that neither Kamara nor Ingram need a ton of volume to be fantasy relevant because they both finished inside the top 8 last year at the RB position.

Now if Kamara had that backfield to himself or vice versa, they’d be putting up Gurley numbers easily.

So are we going to put a rest to this Mark Ingram is the best all purpose RB in the league business? I’m not even saying he’s bad after this week. He put up a dud sure but it was up against one of the best defenses in the league. But fact is, he’s not the best back on his own team. They started phasing him out towards end of last year and the trend just continued here. He also has tough matchups coming up as well where Kamara will likely take the reigns again.

Ingram is cool and all, but he ain’t Gurley, gordon, bell, zeke, hunt, etc.

Played Cohen over Ingram and crushed. Diggs should have a good couple games coming up and I don’t think teams are going to continue to allow Thielen to run free and continue crushing them. I even like him against the Lions and Bears…

I like Ingram but am Benching him for Cohen this week as well. And then it becomes a question of Ingram vs. Landry/Kirk for flex for ROS… I really think Kirk is going to be explosive ROS without dummy McCoy crushing the AZ offense…

I think Ingram is in the top of the league in being well rounded, but again I agree he’s not the top back. I think he’s also going to be matchup dependent ROS. I LOVE him against ATL and Tampa, but not so much against the Vikings…