Ingram ware or jeff wilson

I have mccafferies so i need to start 1.
Ingram has been hit or miss
Ware worries me against balt
And jeff wilson against denver, i feel like he will get the dump offs bc of the pass rush. But they all have issues… help lol

TBH…I think concerning Ingram…they’ve been going easy on him since they all but locked up their seed. AND…been kinda thinking the same thing about Kamara these past few weeks.

I had Kamara last year, and was killing it. Then BAM…first play of the game last year in our first round of P/O’s Kamara went down. I was done at that point. :sob:

But…my point is…Payton isn’t an idiot. He pulls off of experience. He knows what he’s got in Kamara and Ingram. He’s not gonna push them if he’s pretty much got this in his pocket. So…thinking he’s gonna make sure Ingram is NICE AND RESTED AND FRESH STRONG LEGS!!!

My point is…yeah Ingram’s been hit or miss. BUT IT’S GETTING INTO SERIOUS NOW…watch Ingram AND Kamara bust out again!!!

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I would go with Ingram, the matchups for Ware and Wilson worry me

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Ingram might be ok in that full on rain game which is great for his style but he has also been known to fumble due to his berserk running with a wet ball. Ware is more of a concern to me. Baltimore is just a good defense. No way Ware is going to have a lot of success. Wilson, who knows. Might be fine, good floor and can catch. Safe for me is Wilson.

Yeah…I have to agree about Ware. I know since Hunt’s now gone the big HYPE has been with Ware. But…I just don’t know what to think about him. I think he’s got the potential, but…history is not showing that he can be dependable. He tends to make a good showing, BUT…when it REALLY counts…he tends to “drop the ball” (no pun intended there…LOL)

BUT…Ware worries me when push comes to shove!!!