Inherited an Auto-drafted Team and Want to Fix It

Thoughts on this redraft team I took over for a disgruntled friend who quit the league because he has won four championships in it (and 3 out of the last 4, including the last two years) and thinks he was deliberately given the wrong draft date so his team would be auto-drafted this year (10 team, 1 pt. PPR):


Jared Goff

David Johnson
Devonta Freeman

DeAndre Hopkins
Julian Edelman

Chris Godwin (FL)

Evan Engram

Rams D

Steve Gostkowski


Austin Ekeler
Allen Robinson
DJ Moore
Will Fuller
Corey Davis
Keke Coutee
Austin Hooper

I actually don’t think this is such a bad team, but it’s obviously an auto-draft team, given that I have all 3 Texan WRs and only 3 RBs.

Dion Lewis is available, but that’s about as interesting as it gets at RB on the waiver wire.

I’ve put a message out to the league saying I’m willing to package WRs for a dependable RB. I’ve also said I’m willing to dangle DeAndre, if a potential trade partner comes at me with a stud RB. We’ll see what that yields.

My question for the moment is:

if I were to pick up Dion Lewis off of waivers, which receiver should I drop? I’m thinking there’s really no use in this approach, but I’m interested in opinions…

I would drop Hooper for Lewis. No question.

In redraft I would also drop the def and kicker until 2 days before week 1. Maximize that roster!

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Yeah…funny you should mention Hooper; I zeroed right in on him and last night, I actually had the Lewis for Hooper transy all queued up and checked TE rankings for a sanity check. Behold and lo, the dude is ranked at or near the 10th spot in most rankings I checked. So I though to myself “woah…I’ve got 2 highly ranked TEs! What a luxury!” I was in TE streaming hell last year, which maybe informs that response just a bit, though.

Maybe I want to see how that plays out; after all, Engram will be on a terrible offense and Hooper won’t.

Another luxury: it’s June. Plenty of time to think about this stuff…

In a 10 team redraft, assuming I don’t have a top 5 player, I’m streaming from the waiver wire directly to my starting tight end position. As opposed consuming a spot on my bench.

The difference between TE10 and TE20 is negligible.

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Indeed…the difference between 10 and 20 is totally negligible!

But look at where Hooper is ranked in this list you’ve presented: number 6. Engram is 13?

I question the wisdom of streaming every week; 10 team re-drafts are the only leagues I’m in and every last one of those coaches hangs on to 2 TEs all year. There are only scraps left if you’re streaming and it hardly ever goes well.

One of these TEs, be it Hooper or Engram, will stick. But not both. It’s too early to decide and I don’t have to.