Inherited dynasty team

So i am doing my first dynasty team and a buddy asked me to join his league. This is the team I inherited. I have the 1.01,2.01,3.01,4.01 in the rookie draft. The rookie draft is split into 2 drafts rounds 1&2 after the nfl draft and rounds 3&4 after the 3rd preseason

game. 12 team ppr . Just looking for some honest feed back on the team. Don’t hold back, I didn’t draft them so I won’t feel bad! Lol

Can’t find any 1st round studs

It’s great that you have the 1.01, cause you really need help in every line.
Big Ben should hold up for another year at least, so you may want to use one of your later picks on a rookie QB (or 2).
Landry, Shepard, Sanders and Woods is a good core. No studs, but all guys that you can plug and play and get good results. (Marshall is not bad for next year either)
Picking Barkley at 1.01 may solve your RB issues (partially), but it will depend a lot on where Lewis plays next year, and if Collins gets the starting job or not.
You may have to ship some of your WRs to get something back of value. I would wait to see where Landry lands before trading him, but if you can move Sanders and Shepard (plus a pick) for a stud, that could help you plenty.

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Let’s just say it’s not surprising you have the 1.01. You have your work cut out for you to be sure. The good thing about dynasty is it’s a lot easier to improve your team quickly than you might think.

Your RB aren’t as bad as it initially appears. Barkley with 1.01, Drake finished season well should be starter in Mia, Aaron Jones will be splitting carries with Williams as I think packers move Montgomery back to WR, and Collins could win starting job (although Dixon could get that job back).

Like others have said, trading some of your WR depth for a stud WR will help. Next year’s WR class (2019) appears to be loaded at WR so even gaining picks there will help as well.

Lastly think about using a late round pick on a QB. There is a lot of QB depth in this year’s NFL draft. Outside the Big 4, Jackson, Rudolph, Falk, Lock, etc.

I’m new to dynasty so that is my $0.01 on your team


I’m not sure what your starters have to be, but looking at your team here is what I would think you’d start week 1:

QB - Ben Roethlisberger
RB - Saquon Barkley (has to be your 1.01 pick)
RB - Kenyan Drake
WR - Jarvis Landry
WR - Robert Woods
TE - Eric Ebron
Flex - Alex Collins

I would try packaging some of your draft picks with your current players to get some better players. Find the Melvin Gordon owner and look to trade him Austin Ekeler and something for a better RB. Find the OBJ owner and trade him Shepard and something for a better WR. Think along those lines to improve your team. It’s not a terrible start, but you’re going to have to work on it and take lumps for a few years while you build it into something spectacular!

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I might be the only one here who thinks your team is pretty decent. I’d definitely grab a backup QB in case Ben falls off a cliff, but you have a nice group of up-and-coming RBs to work with. (Especially excited about Collins and Jones.) And Lewis should be great again next season.

Your WRs aren’t terrific, but you have a handful of WR2s in Landry, Sanders (if they change QB), and Woods. I’m pretty high on Shepard this year, too. Your TEs are rubbish, but that’s true for 60% of fantasy teams, I’m sure. I love that Godwin’s on your Taxi Squad. He’s someone you have to hold onto.

With your picks, you should be able to find a stud RB AND stud WR in those first two rounds.

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I agree with most of what has been said here. Question, though… Are you keeping ALL of these guys, or dropping some for the rookies you end up drafting? After Barkley, it might get tough because you need more WRs than RBs, but rookie WRs aren’t reliable. Hope you get to attack the waiver wire!

I don’t think you can count on Lewis being great. He’s 29, has a lengthy injury history, and is the only RB on the roster who didn’t sign a new contract last season (And is a FA).

I will have to make room for the incoming guys I draft. Plus some of them aren’t worth keeping and I’ll play the waiver wire throughout next season

I’ve been shopping lewis around our league. Hopefully he signs somewhere promising and I can get decent value in a trade.

I’m gonna try and make some trades and get a decent #1 receiver. My team seems more of a matchup type team rather than a set it and forget it.

made some moves. what do you guys think about the team now. still have 3rd and 4th rounders this year, 2,3,4,next year

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Looking way better now bud!
What did you get for Barkley? (Wondering if it was Kamara + Freeman, or Adams was involved there too)

Yeah, I traded the 1.01 and got the 1.05 and Kamara. I then traded the 1.05 and woods for the 1.09 and jefferies. I used the 1.09 and got Freeman

I also got the 2.05 with the 1.01 trade and then traded the 2.05, Landry and drake for Adams