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Inheriting a Keeper Team and need advice


I need your advice, I was invited to join a more competitive league but it is a keeper league and I haven’t played that yet.

PPR league 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST bonus points for 400+ passing yards and 200+ rushing and receiving yards.

Keep 2 and they have to be different posititions the number is the round I can keep the player.

2 Evans
2 Baldwin
3 Fitzgerald
3 Benjamin
4 Barnidge
5 Gore
10 Roethlisberger
10 Brate
10 Prescott
10 Alfred Morris(the team had Zeke)

Who would you keep?


Yeeesh. Evans is a lock but after that… i dont know, dak? That is the only one that kind of makes sense but i still dont like it. At least you dont waste i high draft pick. Do you HAVE to keep 2?


I don’t have to keep 2 I know I’m going Evans no matter what but you have to think if I don’t keep Dak I’m sure I could get a Stafford or Rivers who will have more 400+ yard games anyway.


In that case im keeping evans and thats it. No need to waste any draft picks


I agree with the wise @BusterD.

With 20 guys off the board, there’s still some value keeping Dak in the 10th. …mayyyyyybe Gore in the 5th, but that’s depending on who all else is kept by other teams.

…It’s also worth asking what your draft position is. If you have a late pick (9 - 12), then you’re always getting more value out of keeping guys in odd-numbered rounds. Whereas if you have an early pick (1-4), then even rounds are where you get the most value.

(For example, Evans is a huge value in the 2nd round if you have the 1st overall, because you’re getting him for the 20th pick.)

With that in mind, if you can trade draft picks and players, DO IT. If, for example, you have a late 1st round pick, see if you can get another keepable player from a team by trading your early 2nd round pick for their late 2nd round pick. It costs you nothing because you’re keeping Evans in the 2nd round, regardless of which 2nd round pick it is. And you get another option. Or a better draft pick elsewhere – like swapping early for late 2nd… but then late for early 3rd and 5th.

A lot of variables there, but hope it makes sense.


I’d keep Evans and it’s a toss up for me between Dak and not keeping anyone.