Inheriting a Terrible Dynasty Team

So I’ve inherited a turgid Dynasty Team, key players of which are listed below. Any advice, both in general and specifically, to make moves in the off-season? Is it best to go full rebuild and plan for greener pastures down the line?

Russell Wilson
Tom Brady

Todd Gurley
Sony Michel
Tevin Coleman
Derrius Guice

Keenan Allen
Julian Edelman

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If you could, I would trade try to trade most of those players and try to accumulate picks. Is it superflex or 1qb? Also, the players I would not look to trade are Wilson and Allen, but I would still listen to offers on any player. What picks do you currently have?

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yikes! i am going stream of conscious here, so it might get convoluted. i hope in the end this helps!

i would burn it all down and build it back up. look at 2nd round picks this year and absolutely trade into next year. even giving up this years picks for next year if possible. mainly you need to prepare to suck. that is tough. i have done it once and it was painful, but worked out in the end.

in season, i would trade any hot early players for better proven assets that are off to slower starts. you need to capitalize on all opportunities and do not fall into the trap of a single player will save you. they will not. if you can flip an AJ Brown for multiple picks / pieces, those will help out more than one young stud.

sometimes getting a cheap vet is not bad because you might be able to sell before playoffs to a team in 5th looking to move up in the rankings.

Build a solid depth core and forego the ‘studs’ for now. you will want that depth to help through bye weeks. once you get that in place, then look to add studs. be willing to lose gracefully to get a better pick. blowing it all up will help you appear to not be tanking, but you will be. set your worst best lineups and take those lumps.

in the end, you will get to a place of strength. look at 2021 to really start the turn, and move back into the 2nd this year with as many picks as you can get while also grabbing 2021 1st/2nd.

That is how I would approach it. Hope this helps!