Injured Guice in Keeper Leagues?

Welp, it didn’t take long for someone to go down with a torn ACL. How does everyone plan to approach Guice in Keeper and Dynasty leagues? Is his talent worth a late pick and IR stash?

That’s what I’m planning on doing. Probably just not grab a kicker and stash him. Then pick up my kicker based on week 1 matchup.

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I dont see this messing with his long term value too much, the draft capital was spent on him so next year he should be back at 100% (pretty much everyone comes back from ACL tears when they’re this young) and he should get a solid workload. If you can, I would definitely take him at his depressed ADP/ lower cost in a trade.
Still love him as a dynasty asset and also love Hunter Henry for next year too. Injured players can open up huge opportunities in later seasons.

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I’m just hoping someone doesn’t get feeling funny and draft him way earlier than he should be going. I’ve got him targeted late myself, but I won’t lose any sleep if someone swings in the 10th on him for some inexplicable reason (had a guy draft Edelman in the 12th last year…)