Injured WR group! Do I drop any ?!

Footclan! My WRs are injured, but I’m not sure if they are droppable! Or should I drop my backup QB or A healthy WR?


  • Drop Woods
  • Drop Hogan
  • Drop Goff (I have Cam, was going to grab rivers)
  • Drop Corey Davis (healthy!)

I would drop woods if you are in win now. He said to be out 2 to 4 weeks. if not drop a QB

Has Corey Davis done anything? Robert Woods could help you win a playoff matchup… I’d keep Goff, drop Corey Davis. Yes, Corey Davis could go off one week but even if he does, would you have started him that week? And, even if he does, will you play him the next unless he has a favorable matchup?

@Inglorious_Packers @jbh87 thanks guys. You are right… I probably wouldn’t start Davis over Michael Thomas or Jeffery… though it is possible he blows up with his easy schedule.

I’m slightly worried that I end up keeping two injured WRs, when I could potentially grab someone to put in my flex (including Davis). That’s why I’m leaning just dropping Goff (and not pick up Rivers) and just roll with Cam.

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I dont think I would drop anyone personally unless you cant fill a roster. Woods has been solid, Hogan is a big part of Brady in the redzone, Goff has been solid and Corey Davis continues to get a ton of volume.

Thanks. Would you drop anyone for someone like Adams, Crowder or Doctson?