Injury after trade

In my dynasty league we had a trade go through.

Team 1 receives: Courtland Sutton

Team 2 receives: Tim Patrick, 2022 2.04, 2023 2nd (late most likely)

Well the next day (today) Patrick news comes out from practice.

Team 2 asks for trade to be undone.

what should happen

Unless you have some rule about it, the trade stands. That’s the risk you take.

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I agree with Bruce. That is the risk owners take making trades.

I traded for Akers last year and literally 2 hours after the trade he tore his Achilles. Unfortunate, side of football.

Unless there is a rule, trade shouldn’t be undone. It happened to me last year when I traded for Robert Woods. It happens, nothing you can do about it.

Not only should the trade stand, but he shouldn’t be all THAT mad about it–he still got two second-round picks for Courtland Sutton!

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