Injury Fill-Ins for Fournette/Adams

Playing a standard league 2RB/2WR/1Flex, I’ve got Fournette and Adams both questionable. If both are active, should I start either one? I’m leaning toward benching Fournette either way, but need help with my flex and WR2.

RB Starters: Howard/Lewis
WR Starter: Thielen
RB Flex: Breida, Powell, Sony Michel(if active), C.J. Anderson
WR Flex/Starter: K Cole, G Allison, D Pettis

Adams will be shadowed by Rhodes, with shoulder injury and obvious Rodgers injury, which may help Allison get targets.
Goodwin being out in SF makes Pettis the starter, but he could match up with Slay.
I’ll probably flex a RB, maybe Michel if he’s active or Breida if not.

I typically start my studs if they are active, but this is a tough scenario. Thoughts?