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Injury Reserve IR Question


Can someone explain to me how the IR position works on ESPN? I have a four man bench and in our league and wondering if an IR position is something we could implement a la the DL in fantasy baseball.

If a player is questionable all week and is considered OUT for his respective game, is he eligible for the IR so that I can pick up another player? Or does the player actually have to have an IR tag on them?


If memory serves, you can put a guy who has the “out” label in IR. For example if a guy is Q or D all week and then Sunday morning they officially mark him as out. At that time you can move him to the IR spot and grab a FA.


Yup as Joel mentioned, you can put your player into an IR spot once they’ve gotten the Out designation.

BUT once the week over, you can’t make any roster moves IF you still have a player in your IR spot that no longer has the Out designation. So if a guy is going to miss half a season, you can put him there for awhile and be fine. But if it’s a one week thing, you won’t be allowed to add/drop anymore players if your IR guy loses his Out designation. That’s how it is on Yahoo anyway and I THINK ESPN too.

The Ballers do 2 IR spots in their 12-team leagues.


This is fantastic news! I figured that is how it would work but I didn’t want to make the change unless I got confirmation. Thank you @twoladel and @brookscarmean this has been very very helpful.

@brookscarmean Out of curiosity, how big is your roster in the Ballers league? Last season we expanded to a 14 team league. FA is pretty thin so we recently voted YES to having a 4 man roster to have more depth in FA. We (Me personally) wanted to promote player movement and trading. So we will see how this goes.


Here’s the Ballers’ main setup for a redraft or keeper league:

12 Teams
0.5 Point Per Reception
1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
2 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
1 Defense / Special Teams
1 Kicker
5 Bench Spots
2 Injured Reserved Spots


Very cool, I was thinking of having just one IR spot but man maybe two is the way to go :slight_smile: