Injury woes. Hold me :(

So yesterday i had Baldwin, delanie walker, and fournette hit with the injury bug.

I want to just put myself on the IR as well but gotta march on through

I have CMC and Diggs wanting to trade for OBJ and alex collins. Is this fair trade for both sides? FULL PPR

anyhelp would be appreciated

My other RB’s are Fournette,burkhead,barber, clement, and brieda

dang… alright footclaners

fournettes hamstring strain sounded decent they were pretty optimistic about it, i would just wait until more reports come out and add tj yeldon as a handcuff if fournette doesnt play.

Do not trade for Alex Collins. Collins got benched after 1 fumble. Owning guys on that short of a leash who clearly doesn’t even have the full backing of the org is problematic.

Keep CMC and Diggs. You are selling too low on CMC. Especially after losing fournette, you cannot afford to give up CMC. Go on the waivers and get Yeldon if you can. He is more than capable as a stand in when Fournette is out.

CMC had 85% of the teams offensive snaps and out touched CJ 10-4 in red zone. The production will follow, buy into the usage.

I’m in same boat as you with Baldwin. I hated drafting him but getting him in late 4th was too hard to pass up. Now I have to deal with him. Depending on how bad this injury is, I don’t even know if i can roster him in a shallow 10 man league.

burkheads value just skyrocketed with jeremy hill going down as well. i would try and move on from baldwin though, his injury issues are not behind him he himself said he wasnt going to be 100% this year.