Injury Woes

I just want to vent on what will go down as my worst day in Fantasy Football history. At Noon, I felt good with the 23 point cushion Julio got me. Then 1:00 hit. Alex Collins gets in the end zone. I’m seeing bright lights.

Then Alex Collins fumbles and basically sits the rest of a blowout game. Then Fournette goes down. Then Doug Baldwin goes down. And 30 minutes ago, the icing on the cake, Aaron Rodgers goes down. Oh by the way, I started the Saints D who chipped in a nice -7 points for me.

Rant over…I may or may not play Fantasy next week. I may be on IR myself.

Ouch. Nowhere near your day, but Mariota threw 2 picks and then hurt his elbow, and D Adams hasn’t shown up yet. Let the tilt chill for a bit, and see what you can reset off the waivers. I made it to 2nd last year with a ragtag roster that was changing every week. Good luck!

Well at halftime, I dropped Keelan Cole for Matthew Stafford (who somehow was still waivers). Now Rodgers is back and just threw a TD. All the wrong moves for me today! Lol

Breeeathe hahaha

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I feel your pain…

I had Fournette, baldwin, and d.walker
I lost this week anyways, so I dropped my defense and picked up cobbs last minute. 30pt ppr resting on my bench :frowning: