Input needed on idea for a salary cap league

So I am interested in starting a league that has salaries, contracts and a salary cap. The league is going to have 12 teams, and unlike almost any league, there isn’t really going to be a draft. Instead, each team will be assigned a number 1-12. Then starting at the number one ranked player, a number will be randomly generated and that player will go to the corresponding team. I’m still trying to figure out how the salaries and contracts would work, but any input or feedback on this idea would be appreciated.

Love the idea of a salary cap league.
I’m not sure if there is a “standard” way to do this as not a lot of them exist (FYI - Reality Sports Online seems to have a GREAT format, but they don’t have a lot of leagues and I’ve never played in one). But, if I were starting up a league I would:
1 - Decide on all the league setup stuff - IDP? Starting Lineups? Roster positions (BIG)? Max # Years on Salaries? Effect of players cut before their contract expires? Rookie Draft Salary structure (look around and see if there are any online suggestions for this / look at RSO)?
2 - decide whether to include the 2019 rookies in the inital startup auction OR set them aside and have a rookie draft after the startup auction.
3 - Regardless of #2 decision - have a startup auction.
4 - Have rookie draft(?)

Having players assigned at random to my team would NOT make me want to join a league.

Either way — good luck! Sounds like an ambitious adventure!!!